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Rotary Dry Vane Air Compressors

Used in various low to medium industrial vacuum applications. The oil-free operation ensures that discharged air is contamination free. These vacuum pumps produce low noise levels, which makes them perfect for noise-sensitive environments such as laboratories, dental clinics, and similar medical applications. These pumps are IP54 rated, and CSA/UL certified, which makes them ideal for a variety of complex industrial segments.

rotary vane type air compressor_Model RV-25


  • Quiet Operation
  • Direct Coupled (no belts) flexible coupling with guard
  • Air intake filter with replaceable paper cartridge
    vacuum Relief Valve
  • Compound Gauge
  • Rubber vibration mounts
  • Economically replaceable carbon vanes
  • Pump Cooling Fan with shroud
  • Single phase motors and optional 3 phase
  • Convertible for vacuum or pressure service
  • Standard 1/60/115-230V motors, 1800 RPM, IP 54 rated, CSA/UL certified


  • Waste Gas Evacuation Equipment
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation
  • Tank Aeration
  • Sewage Aeration
  • Food Processing Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Veterinary Suction
  • Dental Suction
  • Fish Farm Aeration
  • Milking Machines
  • Printing Presses
  • Paper Processing
  • Laboratory
  • Chemical Agitation
  • Plating Tanks
  • Lobster Tank Aeration
  • Suction Gripping
  • Pump Priming

Custom packages available

1 year warranty included

Pneumofore Series

Model NumberHeightLengthPumping Speed (60Hz)Pump Motor Power (60Hz)WidthBrochure PDF
UVD3135 mm210 mm3.3 m³/h 1.9 CFM0.14 kW125 mmDownload
UVD6163 mm253 mm7 m³/h 4.1 CFM0.3 kW163 mmDownload
UVD10174 mm304 mm12 m³/h 7.1 CFM0.45 kW182 mmDownload
UVD16273 mm424 mm19 m³/h 11.2 CFM0.66 kW206 mmDownload
UVD25273 mm424 mm29 m³/h 17.1 CFM0.9 kW206 mmDownload
UVD40295 mm494 mm46 m³/h 27.1 CFM1.8 kW230 mmDownload
UVD60375 mm682 mm70 m³/h 43 CFM1.8 kW363 mmDownload
UVD80375 mm712 mm90 m³/h 55 CFM2.7 kW363 mmDownload
UVD100375 mm810 mm115 m³/h 70 CFM3.6 kW363 mmDownload
UVD140375 mm830 mm160 m³/h 91 CFM4.8 kW363 mmDownload
RV Series
Model NumberFree Air DeliveryMaximum Continuous PressureMaximum Continuous VacuumMaximum PressureMaximum VacuumNoise LevelPowerWeightBrochure PDF
RV-169.8 CFM9 psig18 inHg12 psig25 inHg68 dBA1/2 hp48 lbDownload
RV-2516.9 CFM9 psig18 inHg12 psig26 inHg70 dBA1 hp57 lbDownload
RV-4024 CFM9 psig18 inHg12 psig26 inHg76 dBA2 hp81 lbDownload

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