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Lubricated Sprinkler Air Compressors

Proudly serving the sprinkler and fire protection industry since 1980

Lubricated sprinkler system compressors designed for durability and reliability to ensure consistent protection of your property and facilities as part of your fire protection system. Solid cast iron pumps equipped with rugged components offer long-lasting dependability. All of our air compressors are designed to offer long-term value to customers at low cost of ownership. Every component is selected for its reliability and is thoroughly tested before it leaves our facility. Available for a wide variety of horsepowers and capacities to suit various applications.

Lubricated Sprinkler Air Compressor_Model APPL-JL3R30H

Receiver-mounted standard equipment

  • Horizontal or vertical air receivers are CRN registered for use in all provinces and territories
  • Open drip proof motor with vee belt drive
  • Receiver air service valve
  • Receiver air pressure gauge
  • Receiver drain valve
  • Oil Drain extension for easy oil change
  • Air pressure switch with unloader valve for auto start/stop control, and load-less start up; Compressor discharge line check valve

Optional Accessories

  • Totally enclosed vee belt guard (OSHA compliant)
  • Other receiver sizes
  • Vertical receivers
  • TEFC motor
  • Air-cooled after cooler
  • Magnetic motor starter
  • Explosion-proof motor/pressure switch
  • Duplex packages
  • Vibration isolation mounts
  • Flexible discharge connectors
  • Manual air dryers
  • Desiccant air dryers
  • Membrane air dryers
  • Coalescing and Particulate Filters


  • Fire Safety

Baseplate Units

  • Fabricated Steel Baseplate
  • Open Drip proof motor with vee belt drive
  • Oil drain extension to allow easy oil change
  • ½-5 HP available

1 year warranty included

Model NumberCompressor PowerMaximum PressureNo of CylindersPiston DisplacementPump SpeedReceiver SizeSystem CapacityBrochure PDF
APPL-LX1½ hp60 psig14 CFM920 rpmNONE242 galDownload
APPL-LX1R14½ hp60 psig14 CFM920 rpm14 GAL.242 galDownload
APPL-LX1R30½ hp60 psig14 CFM920 rpm30 GAL.242 galDownload
APPL-LX31 hp60 psig26.4 CFM960 rpmNONE378 galDownload
APPL-LX3R141 hp60 psig26.4 CFM960 rpm14 GAL.378 galDownload
APPL-LX3R301 hp60 psig26.4 CFM960 rpm30 GAL.378 galDownload
APPL-LX52 hp60 psig211.5 CFM1085 rpmNONE694 galDownload
APPL-LX5R142 hp60 psig211.5 CFM1200 rpm14 GAL.694 galDownload
APPL-LX5R302 hp60 psig211.5 CFM1200 rpm30 GAL.694 galDownload
APPL-LX63 hp60 psig317 CFM900 rpmNONE1040 galDownload
APPL-LX6R303 hp60 psig317 CFM900 rpm30 GAL.1040 galDownload
APPL-LX75 hp60 psig330.3 CFM900 rpmNONE1600 galDownload
APPL-LX7R605 hp60 psig330.3 CFM900 rpm60 GAL.1600 galDownload

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