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Heatless Regenerative Compressed Air Dryers

Energy efficient dryers for industrial applications. Ensures regular supply of clean and moisture-free compressed air in regular and challenging industrial environments. Prevents oil or moisture in the air from causing downtime, or breakdown of machines. All models are designed and manufactured locally in our Toronto facility.

Model AP-630FP

Model AP-280FP


  • Activated alumina desiccant with 5-7 year life expectancy: Easily and economically replaceable using drain and fill ports
  • Operates at -40 oF and lower pressure dew point level
  • Flow rate sizes ranging from 8 CFM-unlimited
  • Optimized for easy installation, low maintenance, and service
  • Right and left tower pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel solenoid valves
  • Wedge wire stainless steel desiccant retainers never require replacement
  • Microprocessor for cycle control timing, or PLC control for purge economizer control
  • Pneumatically operated piston valves (for models up to AP-850; up to 2-1/2” size)
  • 3 year warranty offered with valves
  • National Board and CRN registered pressure vessels
  • ASME code safety relief valves
  • TSSA “H Fitting” registration of all required piping for applications in Ontario
  • Optional Purge Economizer Controls available


  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Stations
  • Instrumentation
  • Packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial compressed air

Many custom options available

1 year warranty on dryer, 3 year warranty on switching valves

Model NumberCapacityDepthHeightInlet and Outlet SizeAvailable Air Purge Flow ModelsPurge AIr ConsumptionWeightWidthBrochure PDF
AP-100100 SCFM28 in71 in1" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%250 lb32 inDownload
AP-150150 SCFM31 in74 in1.5" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%375 lb37 inDownload
AP-200200 SCFM31 in80 in1.5" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%450 lb36 inDownload
AP-280280 SCFM33 in86 in2" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%650 lb41 inDownload
AP-380380 SCFM42 in85 in2" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%900 lb45 inDownload
AP-630630 SCFM46 in85 in2" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%1300 lb57 inDownload
AP-850850 SCFM49 in87 in2.5" NPTAdjustable Purge Fixed Purge15%1800 lb60 inDownload
AP-12001200 SCFM60 in99 in3" FLANGEAdjustable Purge15%3500 lb69 inDownload
AP-16001600 SCFM62 in101 in3" FLANGEAdjustable Purge15%4200 lb88 inDownload
AP-20002000 SCFM62 in120 in4" FLANGEAdjustable Purge15%5000 lb82 inDownload
AP-28002800 SCFM48 in118 in4" FLANGEAdjustable Purge15%6500 lb104 inDownload
AP-38003800 SCFM62 in120 in6" FLANGEAdjustable Purge15%9000 lb141 inDownload

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