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Pressure Gauges

Indicates whether the system is operating within the required pressure and/or vacuum conditions. A pressure gauge is an imperative tool to ensure that your blower is not being used at over-pressure conditions. Provided with a low and high pressure connection. The low pressure connection can be open to atmosphere when the gauge is used for measuring pressure at the outlet of the blower, or may be tubed to the suction side of the blower to measure differential across the blower. Using a logical tubing and valve arrangement can make the gauges multi-functional. Can also be used for the user’s set-up of the pressure relief valve.


Dual scale liquid filled gauge, Dual scale has both “PSIG” and “Inches Water Column” scales on a 2-1/2” dial, Bottom-mount connection, Can be mounted directly on a ¼” NPT connection near the discharge of the blower

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