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Heated Blower Purge Compressed Air Dryers

Perfect for applications with limited existing air compressor capacity. High-efficiency, robust design. Consumes less energy than heatless twin tower compressed air dryers.

All models are designed and manufactured locally in our Cambridge, Ontario facility. 1 year warranty included


  • -40ºC nominal pressure dew point
  • Capacities from 300 SCFM & larger
  • Automated PLC control with HMI display and keypad interface
  • Full alarm package with fail safe protection
  • Digital purge air temperature and pressure displays
  • Inlet and purge exhaust valves in bronze and s/s bodies with position indicators
  • For 1000 CFM and larger: Inlet valves 3″ and larger, 150 lb. wafer-style pneumatically actuated butterfly valves using rack and pinion-style air actuators

Control Center

  • High and low voltage panels
  • Low voltage accessible without ARC flash safety requirements
  • Main door interlocking disconnect switch
  • Power distribution block
  • Blower motor circuit controller & contactor
  • Ceramic heater fuses
  • Heater contactor
  • Control voltage transformer
  • Digital display for temperature, heater, purge pressure
  • Off/On selector switch
  • Continuous or half cycle mode
  • Message Center: All tower status and alarms monitored & displayed, user-friendly interface, 7-inch HMI

Regenerative Purge Air Blower

  • Extremely reliable and low maintenance
  • Quiet operation: Includes integral inlet and discharge silencers
  • TEFC motors with winding embedded thermistors
  • Air intake filter with replaceable paper cartridge

Purge Air Heater

  • Low watt density industrial circulation heaters
  • Incoloy sheathed heating elements
  • Sized for purge air flow with minimal pressure drop
  • Retains heat: Insulated heater shells and hot purge air lines
  • Over-temperature protection: High temperature limit switch

Outlet Check Valves

  • Easily removable for servicing
  • For valves up to 2″: Stainless steel construction with PTFE sealing discs
  • For valves 3″ and up: Wafer-style swing checks with stainless steel flappers and viton seals

Dryer Towers

  • Manufactured in accordance to the ASME code
  • CRN & National Board registered
  • 200 PSIG maximum allowable operating pressure (Models up to AP-2000)


  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Stations
  • Instrumentation
  • Packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Industrial compressed air

Purge Check Valves

  • Can withstand high temperature operation
  • For valves up to 2″: Metal to metal seat, stainless steel swing check valves
  • For valves 3″ and up: Wafer-style swing check valves with high temperature viton seals

1 year warranty included

Model NumberConnection SizeDepthHeightWidthWeightMax CapaciyMin CapacityBrochure PDF
AP-150-HBP3" FLANGE65 in101 in69 in3200 lb1087 SCFM1000 SCFMDownload
AP-230-HBP1-1/2" NPT40 in84 in41 in650 lb250 SCFM230 SCFMDownload
AP-300-HBP2" NPT40 in84 in45 in1000 lb326 SCFM300 SCFMDownload
AP-550-HBP2" NPT45 in86 in57 in1700 lb598 SCFM550 SCFMDownload
AP-720-HBP2" NPT55 in86 in62 in2500 lb783 SCFM720 SCFMDownload
AP-1000-HBP3" FLANGE65 in101 in69 in3200 lb1087 SCFM1000 SCFMDownload
AP-1500-HBP3" FLANGE56 in106 in85 in4500 lb1630 SCFM1500 SCFMDownload
AP-2000-HBP4" FLANGE56 in122 in85 in5500 lb2174 SCFM2000 SCFMDownload
AP-2650-HBP4" FLANGE89 in102 in118 in7400 lb2881 SCFM2650 SCFMDownload
AP-3500-HBP6" FLANGE101 in110 in141 in9000 lb3805 SCFM3500 SCFMDownload
AP-4800-HBP6" FLANGE104 in112 in154 in13000 lb5258 SCFM4800 SCFMDownload

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