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Air Burst Systems

APPL air burst packages are custom designed and sized to meet the requirements of your water intake screen system. Systems are designed to store the air volume required to clear your screens with each burst, with compressors sized to recharge the system quickly in preparation for the next cleaning. We can satisfy any voltage requirement, and customize the system to suit your needs. Systems can include single stage or 2-stage air compressors in simplex or duplex arrangements. Available as a lubricated system or oil-free for eco-friendly use.

Designed and Packaged at our Cambridge, Ontario facility.

Model LX2065R60H-AB-1

Model LX3080R60B-AB-1

Model LX1105TX2R400V-AB-1


  • Excessive run timer with auto shutoff
  • Surge vessels for product control
  • User-adjustable time cycles (duration and interval)
  • Single or two-stage air
  • Single or three-phase motor
  • Oil-free and lubricated systems available
  • Vee belt drive for reciprocating models
  • National Board and CRN registered air receiver
  • ASME safety valve
  • Manual or auto receiver drain valve
  • Air pressure switch for
  • Auto start/stop control


  • Raw Water Intake Systems

System Components

  • Pneumatically Controlled
  • Air Burst Valve
  • SS Control Solenoid
  • Optional Magnetic Motor Starter
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Optional Door Disconnect Switch
  • Indicators for Compressor
  • Run, Motor Overload
    and Air Burst
  • Off/On Selector Switch
  • Manual Air Burst Operator
  • Micro Processor, PLC or relay version controls

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