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G-Series Rotary Lobe Blowers

(Roots-Type Lobe Blower)

These tri-lobe, belt-driven blowers provide greater efficiency with less blow-by. Our G-Series models use larger rotors and bearings than many competitors, allowing for a slower operating speed. This results in more efficient heat dissipation, a longer service life, reduced maintenance and lower vibration and noise levels.

Comes as a complete package with all necessary components included.


  • Conservative operating speeds for long service life and reduced vibration
  • Durable cast iron casings and rotors
  • Tri-lobe design rotors for increased efficiency
  • Large ball bearings for extended life
  • Large timing gears provide efficient tolerance
  • Various motor frame types and voltages to suit application requirements

Optional Arrangements

  • Conventional base mount or space-saving “dual deck” arrangement
  • Water-cooled units for higher pressure/vacuum levels for more demanding applications
  • Cabinet enclosed unit for sound and attenuation
    2-stage units for higher pressure and vacuum requirements

Components Included

  • Intake filter/silencer with replacement 10 micron paper cartridge
  • Pressure or vacuum relief valve
  • Pressure or vacuum gauge
  • Vee belt drive with Osha compliant guard
  • Fully adjustable motor slide rails for vee belt tensioning
  • Discharge silencer
  • Discharge check valve
  • Discharge (pressure) or inlet (vacuum) flexible connector
  • Fabricated steel mounting frames in various configurations to suit the application
  • Rubber isolation mounts
  • Motor as per voltage and HP requirement


  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Aquaculture
  • Chemical agitation
  • Air knife blow off
  • Dust collection
  • Marine slip bubbling
  • Electroplating tanks
  • Suction gripping
  • Powder fluidizing
  • Fish farming
  • Milking machines
  • Many more

Custom Package Options Available

1 year warranty included

Model NumberCapacityItem NameBrochure PDF
G400.5 to 1m³/min 17.5 to 35 CFMGraertech Model G40 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G40V0.6 to 1.1 m³/min 21 to 39 CFMGreatech Model G40V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G500.5 to 2.5m³/min 17.5 to 88 CFMGreatech Model G50 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G50V0.5 to 2.5m³/min 17.5 to 88 CFMGreatech Model G50V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G55V1.5 to 4.0³/min 53 to 143 CFMGreatech Model G55V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G65V1.5 to 4.0³/min 53 to 142 CFMGreatech Model G65 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G802.0 to 8.0³/min 71 to 282 CFMGreatech Model G80 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G80V2.0 to 8.0³/min 71 to 282 CFMGreatech Model G80V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G1002.0 to 8.0³/min 71 to 424 CFMGreatech Model G100 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G100V2 to 7 m³/min 71 to 247 CFMGreatech Model G100V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G125660 to 1380 m³/h 388 to 812 CFMGreatech Model G125 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G125V10 to 22m³/min 353 to 777 CFMGreatech Model G125V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
GM1258 to 20 m³/min 282 to 706 CFMGreatech Model GM125 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
GM125V8 to 20m³/min 282 to 706 CFMGreatech Model GM125V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G1508 to 32m³/min 282 to 1130 CFMGreatech Model G150 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G150V8 to 32m³/min 282 to 1130 CFMGreatech Model G150V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G200V24 to 48 m³/min 848 to 1695 CFMGreatech Model G200V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G25045 to 75m³/min 1589 to 2648 CFMGreatech Model G250 Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload
G250V45 to 75m³/min 1589 to 2648 CFMGreatech Model G250V Tri-Lobe BlowerDownload

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