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Oil-Free Air Compressors

Designed to provide contaminant-free air for critical applications. Our robust oil-free models ensure easier maintenance, more reliable operation, less down-time and higher productivity. The ideal solution for medical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

All models are designed and manufactured locally in our Cambridge, Ontario facility. Many custom options available.

Rotary Scroll-Type

  • Standard units up to 116 PSIG
  • High pressure HP units up to 145 PSIG

Rotary Dry Vane

  • Pressures up to 12 PSIG


  • Single stage units up to 125 PSIG
  • Two stage units up to 175 PSIG

Cabinet Enclosed Sound Attenuated

  • Low noise levels
  • Control panel with touchpad and pressure gauge
  • Automatic timed delayed shutdown and other features
Oil-Free Sprinkler Air Compressor_Model APPL-JP120CR14-1


  • Piston-type
  • Base plate mounted and receiver mounted models available