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Oil-Free Reciprocating Air Compressors

(Piston-Type Oil-Free Air Compressors)

For higher pressure applications (125-175 PSIG)
Durable oil-free reciprocating air compressors suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, biotech, lab/research, and food and beverage. Outstanding reliability, few service interventions, minimal maintenance, low energy consumption, and reduced operating costs for critical applications. Available up to 30 HP

For lower pressure applications (up to 100 PSIG)
Small, compact compressors used as receiver-mounted units, or as individual units for OEM applications. Our compressors may be used in multiple pump systems using 2, 3, 4 or more compressors to satisfy demand and backup/redundancy requirements for critical air applications. Control systems are available with “Maximum Run” timers and sequencing controls to maintain ideal system pressures while creating similar work loads and hour accumulation for each compressor.

piston type_oil free-reciprocating-air-compressors_Model SDU-203_3R80H


  • Deep-finned aluminum alloy cylinders with plated bores for long life
  • Permanently sealed main ball bearings
  • High efficiency reed valves
  • Single piece connecting rods
  • Dry-type air intake filter/silencers with replaceable paper cartridges
  • Receiver and base-mounted versions
  • Optional receiver sizes & controls
  • Optional aftercoolers, separators, and automatic drain valves
  • Duplex & multiple pump packages available with sequencing controls
  • Available as Cabinet Enclosed option
  • ½-2 HP
  • PTFE/carbon graphite compression rings
  • PTFE composite guide rings
    Inlet valve unloaders for optional constant speed control
  • Large airfoil-type fan for efficient cooling


  • HVAC Control Air
  • Dental Air
  • Instrument Air
  • Chemical Agitation
  • Food Processing
  • Aquaculture
  • Veterinary
  • Dry Sprinkler Systems
  • Electronics
  • Many more

Custom Options Available

1 year warranty included

Model NumberMotor HPCompressor TypeCylinder Size Bore and StrokeFree Air Delivery (@100PSIG)Free Air Delivery (@170PSIG) N/AHeightLengthPump SpeedWidthBrochure PDF
JP120-C-R141/2Simplex Compressor1 scfmN/A1,725 rpmDownload
SD-203/3-R603 hpSimplex Compressor55 mm10 SCFMN/A43 in54 in700 rpm23 inDownload
SD-205/5-R805 hpSimplex Compressor70 mm17.1 SCFMN/A43 in69 in700 rpm23 inDownload
SD-307/7.5-R1207.5 hpSimplex Compressor70 mm25.7 SCFMN/A59 in74 in700 rpm28 inDownload
SD-310/10-R12010 hpSimplex Compressor70 mm31.2 SCFMN/A59 in74 in850 rpm28 inDownload
SD-415/15-R24015 hpSimplex Compressor70 mm46.5 SCFMN/A68 in90 in950 rpm36 inDownload
SD-420/20-R24020 hpSimplex Compressor88 mm64 SCFMN/A72 in90 in650 rpm42 inDownload
SD-425/25-R24025 hpSimplex Compressor88 mm81 SCFMN/A72 in90 in820 rpm42 inDownload
SD-203/3X2-R120H6 hpDuplex Compressor55 mm20 SCFMN/A66 in75 in700 rpm40 inDownload
SD-205/5X2-R120H10 hpDuplex Compressor70 mm34.2 SCFMN/A66 in75 in700 rpm40 inDownload
SD-310/10X2-R240H20 hpDuplex Compressor70 mm62.4 SCFMN/A70 in90 in850 rpm51 inDownload
SD-415/15X2-R240H30 hpDuplex Compressor70 mm93 SCFMN/A70 in90 in950 rpm51 inDownload
SD-420/20X2-V24040 hpDuplex Compressor88 mm128 SCFMN/AN/AN/A650 rpmN/ADownload
SD-425/25X2-V24050 hpDuplex Compressor88 mmN/AN/AN/AN/A820 rpmN/ADownload
HDP-205/5-R805 hpSimplex Compressor70 mmN/A13.7 SCFM43 in69 in980 rpm23 inDownload
HDP-307/7.5-R1207.5 hpSimplex Compressor70 mmN/A22.4 SCFM59 in74 in800 rpm28 inDownload
HDP-310/10-R12010 hpSimplex Compressor70 mmN/A29.4 SCFM59 in74 in1050 rpm28 inDownload
HDP-415/15-R24015 hpSimplex Compressor70 mmN/A44.1 SCFM68 in90 in1050 rpm36 inDownload
HD-420/20-R24020 hpSimplex Compressor88 mmN/A54 SCFM72 in90 in650 rpm42 inDownload
HD-425/25-R24025 hpSimplex Compressor88 mmN/A68 SCFM72 in90 in820 rpm42 inDownload
HDP-205/5X2-R120G10 hpDuplex Compressor70 mmN/A27.4 SCFM66 in75 in980 rpm40 inDownload
HDP-307/7.5X2-R240G15 hpDuplex Compressor70 mmN/A44.8 SCFM70 in90 in800 rpm51 inDownload
HDP-310/10X2-R240G20 hpDuplex Compressor70 mmN/A58.8 SCFM70 in90 in1050 rpm51 inDownload
HDP-415/15X2-R240G30 hpDuplex Compressor70 mmN/A88.2 SCFM70 in90 in1050 rpm51 inDownload
HD-420/40-V24040 hpDuplex Compressor88 mmN/A108 SCFMN/AN/A650 rpmN/ADownload
HD-425/50-V24050 hpDuplex Compressor88 mmN/A136 SCFMN/AN/A820 rpmN/ADownload
SD-307/7.5X2-R240H15 hpDuplex Compressor70 mm51.4 SCFMN/A70 in90 in700 rpm51 inDownload

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