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Custom Design & Packaging

Containerized Compressed Air or Onsite Gas Generation Packages

We have the expertise and capabilities to design & package a custom compressed/instrument air or an onsite gas generation containerized unit that can be deployed at a project site and can be transported anywhere in the world. These units are designed & packaged keeping your weather requirements into consideration and are fully plug & play units.

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 Advantages of having a containerized system 

Can be handled anywhere in the world due to ISO standardization and can be shipped using different modes such as trains, ships & trucks.

Provides flexibility and can be used to house a wide variety of machineries & systems such as air compressors, desiccant dryers and an onsite gas generating system.

Ease of handling and lower transportation cost and the same containerized unit can be deployed at different project sites.

Container is its own warehouse and protects the machinery it contains.


We offer containerized system packaging in following sizes & types

10, 20 and 40 feet standard or high cube with double doors and can be further customized to have an industrial man door or a roll up door or a window on the sides.

We take care of inside interconnecting piping between equipment, electrical & automation requirements to make units fully automated. 

We also take care of insulation, heating & ventilation to make sure equipment placed inside the container get the right operating temperature irrespective of outside weather conditions.

Provide custom outside painting as per customer or project requirement.

High Pressure Compressor Custom Packages
High Pressure -1A45T2X3+2R80V 021
High Pressure -1A45T2X3+2R80V 022
High Pressure 1A45T2X3+2R80V 019
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Custom Dryer Packages
Dryer - AP380X2 004
Dryer-AP380X2 001
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Custom Filtration Packages
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Custom Heated Blower Purge Dryer Packages
Heated Blower Purge Dryer - 115_1554
Heated Blower Purge Dryer - 115_1557
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