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Oil-Free Sprinkler Air Compressors

(Dry Sprinkler Systems)

All our models are environmentally friendly, offer low noise level and comply with ISO 9000-2015 quality assurance program. They can be used for a range of applications and settings, including unheated buildings, commercially cooled warehouses and parking garages. Select from different compressor variants, which includes standard 14 Gallon receiver-mounted compressor, a large system receiver-mounted compressor, a baseplate-mounted unit, or a multiple pump arrangement. Based on your requirements, compressors can have automatic drain valves, aftercoolers, and separators.

Oil-Free Sprinkler Air Compressor_Model APPL-JP120CR14-1


  • Oil-Free 2-cylinder compressor pump
  • Direct drive – no vee belts to maintain
  • Quiet operation for noise sensitive areas
  • Air intake filter with replaceable paper cartridge
  • Can be also be supplied on a baseplate for floor mounting
  • No oil changing – reduced maintenance
  • Low power consumption for high efficiency operation
  • Assembled and tested with ISO 9000 registered quality assurance
  • All receiver-mounted units are tested prior to shipment
  • Fabricated steel plate for riser-mount or baseplate units
  • Rubber isolators between pump and baseplate
  • Band clamps for riser-mount securing to riser pipe
  • Receiver-mounted units include pressure switches, discharge line check valves, pressure gauge, ASME safety relief valve, receiver condensate drain and service valve

Optional Accessories

  • Stainless steel flexible discharge line connector
  • Check valve or combination check valve/unloader
  • Air Pressure switch with or without unloader


  • Fire Safety

1 year warranty included

Model NumberHPMaximum PressureMotor VoltageNo of CylindersPiston DisplacementPump SpeedReceiver Size (US)System CapacityBrochure PDF

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