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Pharmaceutical industry has a very volatile manufacturing environment and requires expertise when it comes to dealing with different processes to maintain a safe & hazard free environment. And Nitrogen as an inert gas helps in various processes such as end product packaging, fire suppression, blanketing, purging and transferring of products.

Advantages of using High Purity Nitrogen Gas 

  • Helps to displace oxygen from the critical processes that could ignite fire 
  • Avoids spoilages due to oxidation 
  • Contamination free environment for manufacturing of sterile products 
  • Helps to keep end product dry and improves shelf life 

Traditional Source of Nitrogen Gas vs Generating Nitrogen Gas Onsite 

A lot of small, medium and large sized pharmaceutical companies across North America are still buying nitrogen gas in high pressure cylinders or in liquid nitrogen tanks which is not considered a safe and a convenient method. It is also a lot more costly option (60 -80 % costlier) when compared to generating your own nitrogen gas onsite. Air Power Products is helping customers to understand the benefits of generating high purity nitrogen gas onsite and having the control of gas supply 24/7 and how it saves a big chunk of money which companies can instead spend on R&D activities, hiring more work force, marketing & machinery etc. 

Air Power Products has recently launched its high purity PSA twin tower & field expandable modular nitrogen generating systems (designed & manufactured in Canada) which are a perfect fit for the pharmaceutical industry. We are helping customers understand their current daily gas usage by auditing the gas supply & associated expenses and then present with a rightly sized system for their facility that can generate sufficient high purity nitrogen gas 24/7 and on demand. We also create a ROI chart that explains how much the customer is currently spending for the nitrogen gas vs how much they would spend initially for buying the equipment, its annual running & maintenance cost. ROI chart also explains the payback time and the monthly or yearly savings that the company would make after switching to our onsite gas generating system.