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Nitrogen Controlled atmosphere for food grains storage is becoming very popular and has already been adopted by several states across North America to preserve & store the food grains for longer period of time. Nitrogen gas provides an inert & cool atmosphere that prevent grains from perishing and maintain freshness for longer.     

Advantages of Nitrogen Controlled Atmosphere 

  • Saves food grains from pest & fungi.
  • Maintains grain quality and colour.
  • Less oxidation when it comes to storing oil seeds.

Traditional Source of Nitrogen Gas vs Generating Nitrogen Gas Onsite 

Buying nitrogen gas in high pressure cylinders or in liquid nitrogen tanks for grains storage is not a feasible & convenient method and it is also a lot more costly option (upto 50 to 80 % costlier) when compared to generating your own nitrogen gas onsite. Air Power Products is helping customers to understand the benefits of generating unlimited supply of high purity nitrogen gas onsite and having the control of gas supply 24/7.

Air Power Products has recently launched its high purity PSA twin tower & field expandable modular nitrogen generating systems (designed & manufactured in Canada) which are a perfect fit for Grains Storage and can generate wide range of nitrogen purities & flowrates. 

Product Key features 

  • Twin tower & field expandable modular system design. 
  • Energy efficient systems, energy consumption starts at 0.2 kW/M3/35 cu.ft.
  • Competitive price, best product warranty and fastest ROI.